Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feeling "Heavy"

I've been struggling with my weight lately.  In fact that's the reason I started this blog.  I'm pretty tired of bitching to my husband about my weight, my diet, and why I always have to skip the second glass of wine for the sake of my skinny jeans.

I went to the doctor recently, to be told that I'm on the "high end" of the BMI scale.  This is discouraging, considering I've been cutting down on frivolous boozing, logging my calories religiously into DailyBurn, and logging about 25 miles a week running. 

I'm tired.  I don't see where I could wedge any more exercise into my day.  However, I am taking steps to kickstart my weight loss.  I'm aiming to get up and work out in the morning three days a week.  Mornings are especially tough for me because I have a really long and annoying commute (hopefully that will change soon). 

I also just feel unmotivated.  After months of working hard and actually GAINING weight instead of losing or maintaining, I feel very down.  But I thought maybe getting my thoughts, struggles, and hopefully triumphs chronicaled might raise my motivation a bit.  I'm also going to log my weight and measurements once a week into this blog, and talk about calorie intake and workouts when applicable.  Maybe I'll even take before and after pictures to document my (hopeful) transformation from now until the NYC Marathon, which is in exactly six months!  Eeeeeek!

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