Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Check In #5

 Definitely didn't get in enough yoga and pilates this week, and I'm starting physical therapy for my bum knee.  Weight stayed the same, but I'm not surprised in the least, considering I obviously made some mistakes with exercise, and spent the entire last weekend boozing heavily.

This week I need to work on getting up in the AM for yoga/pilates, staying awayyyy from the craft beer, and scheduling my runs around twice a week physical therapy.  It will be a challenge, but who doesn't love a challenge?

Weight: 165 (down 3.0 overall)
Waist: 31.5 (down 1.0 overall)
Hips: 38.5 (down 1.5 overall)
Thighs: 21.0 (down 0.5 overall)
Chest: 37.5 (down 0.5 overall)
Biceps: 11 (same)

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